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High quality images can only be produced with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment operated by ARRT Certified technologists and interpreted by board certified radiologists. At Abercrombie, we are committed to obtaining the upgrades and additions that are necessary to maintain our standard of comprehensive quality imaging.

Abercrombie Radiology now has 3D mammography.

What is 3D mammography?

3D mammography is an advanced technology that takes multiple pictures of the breast compared to a single image obtained during the standard mammogram exam. These images are used to reconstruct pictures of the breast on a computer that the radiologist then reviews. The exam positioning is similar to the traditional mammogram and will take a few seconds longer to obtain. The exam has only slightly more radiation with the added images. The multiple images allow the radiologist to get a more detailed picture of the breast and help catch cancer easier and earlier. It also reduces the chance of being asked to come back for additional imaging.

Who should get 3D mammography?

Every woman eligible for screening mammograms can benefit from 3 D imaging. In particular, women with dense breast tissue or increased risk factors for breast cancer can benefit as the additional imaging helps the radiologist get a clearer picture of the breast.

3D mammography may not be covered by all Insurance plans. Please check with your insurance provider before your appointment.

This unit began operation in 1989 and has been continuously improved to keep up with the latest technology. It offers the following features:


- Gradients and quadrature high resolution surface coils allow for high resolution studies and fast scanning techniques to reduce scanning time.


- Magnetic resonance angiography is available to assess intracranial vascularity as well as carotid-vertebral disease. Peripheral vascular studies of the extremities for patients with contraindications for angiography are also available.


- For claustrophobic patients, we have an open bore and, in severe cases, can provide oral sedation in concert with your physician.


- Accredited by the American College of Radiology.


We offer high resolution ultrasounds for linear and sector scanning as well as transvaginal ultrasounds.  We offer abdominal, pelvic, scrotal, thyroid, and breast ultrasounds as well. Accredited by The American College of Radiology.


Color Doppler Imaging is available for imaging carotid arteries, extremities, small parts, deep abdominal vessels and for the evaluation of deep vein thrombosis of the extremities.


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